Jessie and Robert at the farmers market


Although we don’t have a permanent storefront or offer pick-your-own, there are ample opportunities to snag our stuff around town.


You can find us permanently on the menu at all Lupi’s locations as our eggs are mixed into the veggie or meat lasagna as well as all the sweets like the famous brownies. Robert loves the Walnut Chocolate Chip cookies and the veggie lasagna is Jessie’s favorite.

Lupi's brownies
Main Street Farmer's Market

Main Street Farmer’s Market

Check our facebook page to see if we are attending the weekly Wednesday market.

We offer $Two Buck Plucks which are a small bouquet with different items each week but always includes a naturally harvested feather from one of our happy birds. Previous TBP have included Oregano, Basil, Spring Onions, Butterfly Weed, Queen Anne’s Lace, Lilac and Hydrangea to name a few.

Chattanooga Roller Derby

As we met through derby, we couldn’t stop supporting it simply because our skates don’t roll through the farm fields. Instead, we brought the farm to the track! Purchase your VIP seating to each home bout with the Free Range Front Row. Includes the only guaranteed front row seating, complete with four tickets and a large pan of those famous Lupi’s brownies as well as some other farm goodies.

Chattanooga Roller Derby
Wanderlust & Wolf

Wanderlust & Wolf

Local jewelry company chose to purchase our $Two Buck Plucks and make some beautifully detailed jewelry out of it. Hydrangea, Butterflyweed and Queen Anne’s Lace are just to name a few of our flowers featured. Check out her gorgeous creations.


Support Your Local Farmers

There are many great local farms in the area providing organic products like apples, cheese, milk, chicken, pork, brussels sprouts and so much more! Be sure to visit us the Main Street Farmers Market every Wednesday starting at 4pm.