About Us

Robert and Jessie

The farm was purchased in April 2015 with a somewhat grandeur idea of what was going to be done with it since it wasn’t actually a farm to start with. Found on Craigslist, the 18-acre property was as-is. It came with a hot tub and pool (yes, please) as well as six fully producing blueberry bushes, a 30×30 shop with a lift and a dilapidated greenhouse.

Jessie loves digging in the dirt and Robert loves living off the land so it took no time for them to acquire 30 egg laying Barred Rock hens and a garden full of carrots, corn and wildflowers. The goats were kind of a happy accident as McKamey Animal Center found Billy Rae (black and white) on 4th avenue and some landscaping assistance was much needed. George (brown) came about six months later because Billy needed a friend.

Now, almost 2 years later, we have almost 200 egg layers, two silly Pygmy goats, 8 blueberry bushes, 6 blackberry bushes, 6 fig trees and two very vivacious farm kitties Mewtant and Jacob Jr. Please enjoy our products as much as we do, and hopefully as much as you enjoy the stories of our trials and tribulations.

Our Feathers

Our hens are pasture raised and safely move about under, what we call “Poultry Palace,” a 5000 sq ft net that protects them from hawks and other predators. They enjoy sunshine along with their store bought feed and a healthy balanced diet of kitchen scraps including tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and melons. Partnered with a local Hixson restaurant, the girls enjoy the occasional bagel with cream cheese, pizza and pastry.

Jessie and chick

Our Fruit

Our blue and black berries are all natural and not treated with any pesticides or fertilizers. They’re lucky to get watered as there is no irrigation set up so Mother Nature has to do most of the work and she does. The strawberries and figs are the newest addition to the property so they are taking some time to produce but all in good time. Cantaloupe, Honeydew and Watermelon will be added eventually.

blueberries on the vine

Our Vision

To live a life as healthy and happy as everything growing and producing on the farm.

happy hens