Originally published in The Pulse

Catie Posser & Courtney Ingram mine silver art

Renegade is defined as “A person who deserts and betrays an organization or set of principles.” But Renegade Silver Jewelry did not get its name being owned by rebel emerging entrepreneurs.

“We were sitting around trying to think of a name that had some clout then I thought of what did we want to aspire to,” Catie Posser explains. “If you make it to the Renegade Craft Market, you made it.”

Catie further describes the Renegade Craft Market which is an international showcase where artists feature their homemade goods from London to Portland and a vendor must have $10,000 worth of product available in order to participate.

Renegade Silver Jewelry began in 2015 shortly after two lifelong artists and friends, Catie Prosser and Courtney Ingram met while silversmithing at a local jewelry store.

Catie described how the pair went together fittingly, “In the beginning, I designed the fronts and Courtney designed the backs.”

Catie learned silversmithing early on at a four year design program in high school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and she has a bit of a family background in it as her mother and sister do it too. Once Catie moved to Chattanooga in 2011, she found work quickly as a manager at Homegrown Silver & Stone creating custom pieces and teaching others how to silversmith.

This is where Courtney comes in. She was taught by Catie, excelled and they both desired to design more, rather than execute someone else’s concept. Therefore, Renegade Silver Jewelry was created. Renegade Silver Jewelry also chooses to use only high quality, made in America product such as silver milled and mined in the US and their stones come from Arizona.

As Renegade thinks more outside the box or, in this case around the ear, they experiment with climbers and decorative backings. Providing customers the ability to mix and match allows for the creative juices to keep flowing even once the customer gets home. The multitude of looks is infinite and for the extremely indecisive person, it is a relief to know you aren’t limited to just one pair, one look.

I giggled as Catie described how “you can pick your own stud, like the bar stud.” Tee hee, bar stud. But seriously, the collection is wonderfully overwhelming in all its ornateness—smooth, hammered, oxidized, mat, shiny, sterling silver, rose or yellow gold filled, toe rings, septum or nose rings, necklaces and the list goes on.

With over a thousand sold, the full moon stud with moonbeam ear jacket is the most popular combination and you get at least three looks in one as you can wear each piece separately.

Geometric bar threaders, twisted ear climbers, and hammered moon studs all sound like climbing equipment but in fact, they are actually a great fashion accessory to anyone who loves the outdoors.

For the really active person who needs extra security in their accoutrements, a threaded screw is available too. Talk about never losing your backing again. This amazingly detailed twisted tiny, intricate piece is such a simple yet powerful improvement to the everyday earring.

The magnitude of options mixed with the simplicity of design and complexity of detail is astonishing considering it is done in Catie’s living room.

“Getting in the flow is easy to do from this view,” she says as she highlights the big inspirational window showcasing a Hummingbird feeder and luscious green yard, “As I am almost certified in welding, I’m interested in doing bigger steel sculptures but don’t have the space.”

Custom orders are encouraged and Catie is available at the Sunday Market to discuss options as well as group discounts.

“(These) are great for bridesmaid gifts as they can be similar yet not identical to showcase each individual’s personality.”

House shopping parties are also an option so gather your group for a night of joyous laughter and jewelry.

“Courtney used to make the Sangria while I showcased the collection,” Catie reflected as now Courtney does the design work from her recently relocated home office in Florida. “We also started the company due to Courtney’s super sensitive ears. There were no resources for modern, stylish and super sensitive.”

On a side note, Catie proudly rocks her ear cuff, as she does not have any piercings and wants folks to know that you don’t have be pierced to wear earrings.

Available on Etsy or RenegadeSilver.com, but I highly recommend being a renegade, visiting their displays at Blue Skies or at the Sunday Market to design your own set of ideas.